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30. July 2014

Because Worldcosplay changed their entire site layout—and while it looks great—I have trouble posting on tumblr from it like I used to because my internet is shit 


I’m on indefinite hiatus. I don’t know if I’ll keep posting in the future. Perhaps when I get to my new college’s campus…but I really don’t know.

I do have a “personal” tumblr blog. Please check it out if you like the following:

  • ***kpop::: F(x), Girl’s Day, EXO
  • anime (duh)
  • Emma Stone
  • pink 
  • cute things
  • meaningful quotes
  • **fashion
  • photography
  • YA novels (mostly HP edits)

Thanks so much for following, I had a fun time running this blog. Maybe I’ll be back, who knows, but in the meantime, I’ll keep this cosplay blog alive for those who want it.

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Teturo Kuroo(Haikyu!!) | ryuichi randoll
19. July 2014

If you’re the [ 1 note ] to some of my posts, a big SHOUTOUT to you.

And if you’re not…well, I hope you have a great day anyway, cuz I still appreciate you guys very much

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