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30. September 2014


Following recent events this year, from Kris’ lawsuit scandal, to Baekhyun’s manipulation scandal, and now Jessica’s alleged drop from their company, SM Entertainment has officially decided to change their name:


(via jarjaryoman)

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I promise I will post today, and I swear to God I will play ACNL. Even if I have a huge bio test on Tuesday.

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Sorry for the lack of posts, guys. College as a freshmen is keeping me really busy.

Speaking of college, it’s been fun and dull at the same time. I meet new people, but so far, I haven’t found someone who I could really hang out with. (Yes, it’s only the second week, but life gets lonely when you’re an out-of-state student dumped in a foreign environment lol). College is just feeling a bit…lackluster.

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